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The Brief

To create branding for the newly formed Anne Dyer Foundation and its three sub-brands. We then created wordcloud posters to publicise the college courses.

The Work

The people tree design reflects how integral both people and tress are not only to the surrounding landscape, but as a foundation for growth in people, land and business. The strapline “Develop, Nuture & Support” perfectly captures what the foundation is all about. The College nurtures its students’ education and growth through its first-class tutorship and facilities. We created a different logo for the three sub-brands – Westhope College, Westhope Ventures, Westhope Sustainables – cleverly expanding the original strapline for each brand, with use of complimentary colour distinguishing each.

Our wordcloud poster was produced in three different colour ways, showing the breadth of the courses on offer at the College.