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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for mobile interaction

With the growth of online and mobile, traditional forms of media have been frantically searching for ways to remain relevant in the new digital world and to leverage emerging technology for their own advancement. One of the resulting trends has been the growth of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. Where once it was mainly used for location-based information, brands have been utilising it to increase engagement with their products, advertising and marketing.

If this AR revolution has so far passed you by then next time you snack on a bag of crisps, flick through your favourite magazine, or notice an advert on your local bus shelter, look a bit closer: You may find there is more to be seen than meets the naked eye.

If it is signposting AR interaction then you will need to open the relevant app such as Blippar, Layar, Aurasma, or a branded app with AR functionality, and point your mobile’s (smartphone or tablet) camera at the media. Doing this will trigger a layer of extra content and interactivity on your device’s screen and the brand responsible will capture your attention for a few more precious minutes or seconds. It may give you reason to revisit the media as the AR content changes and updates. It can even lead you to buying a product.

See here and here for some recent examples.

With the introduction of Google Glass, and their competitors, giving AR another awareness boost, its adoption by brands could increase further and activation by consumers could one day become habitual. However, that scenario is some way off.

So should you consider investing in AR to enhance your advertising campaign, product packaging, or marketing collateral?

To answer the question you will need to consider…

Audience – Are your target audience a savvy enough group to be comfortable using the technology? Will they care enough to warrant them downloading the app first? Will they think better of your brand for using the technology?

Context – Are they being exposed to your message at a time, and in an environment, that is favourable for engagement?

Content – Can you offer them content and an experience that is worth their endeavour?

AR interactivity is something we can introduce to your next creative design project. Whether it’s an advert, brochure or business card, we can help bring it to life on mobile and increase its effectiveness.

Or we can just keep you informed on AR developments and the alternatives, to help you make the right decisions for your marketing.

If you fancy a chat about it over a coffee, simply get in touch.