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What inspires you?


Being inspired is important in almost everything that we do. It’s what gives us the will and motivation to do something and do it well. An uninspired meal is hardly worth eating and a fashion designer who is uninspired is almost certainly not going to come up with the next big fashion trend.

For those of us who work in the creative industries, being inspired is even more important. It’s what pushes us forward to create new and interesting ideas. In marketing and advertising, for example – whether online or offline – ‘normal’ or ‘done before’ just doesn’t wash. We need ‘fresh’, ‘new’, ‘innovative’ and ‘inspired’ genius.


Luckily, inspiration is all around us. With an open mind, we find inspiration in people, ideas, photos, new inventions, things that we see in the supermarket, even an experience. For those with their eyes open and who are ready to be inspired, inspiration is there, just waiting to be discovered.

A lot of creative people know what kind of thing inspires them and get themselves into the right place (mentally and physically) when they are looking for inspiration. And for a lot of people, that ‘light bulb’ moment comes when they are least expecting it to! Away from the desk, away from the computer screen, in the shower, on the bus, out and about enjoying nature, you name it…

In essence though, what really inspires us are things, people or situations that leave us in wonder. When someone does something ingenious or extraordinary, or we see something that is so perfect that we first can’t quite believe that it’s real, or even when we look at an everyday object, but suddenly appreciate its colour, form or the way that it works, or when someone does something that touches us emotionally. We’re talking about that special something that gets our minds racing, our juices flowing and our brains busy forming plans and juggling ideas.

The beautiful and interesting thing about inspiration is that it’s different for each and every one of us. For one person inspiration may be a beautiful flower and for someone else – especially those of us in the creative world – it may be a perfectly put together campaign.

Inspiration at work

There are some people whose work depends entirely on their ability to be creative – people such as authors and music writers. Luckily for them, they have some flexibility in their working hours. They might go for a few days with no writing, and then get the inspiration to write for 24 hours a day for a week.

There are other people – like us here at Direct Approach, who need to be tuned into our creative stream all the time. We usually have shorter deadlines to meet, and often need to be able to switch on our creative side in the blink of an eye. So, it’s important for us to know what inspires us and how to look for inspiration.

Some people are finely tuned into their brains and bodies and know straight away what inspires them, but for others, this can be a little more difficult.

What inspires you?

Believe it or not, it is possible to be in an almost permanent state of inspiration if you really work at it. If you can see the perfection in nature, the genius in everyday inventions – electricity, the car, the internet, or the amazing things that people are doing every day, you can begin to feel inspired most of the time.

Whether you need inspiration at work, or just want a more productive life, with more joy and happiness, knowing what kind of thing inspires you is the key. There is perfection and inspiration all around us, it’s just a case of tuning into it, letting it carry you away and daring to dream.

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