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Responsive Email Design

Responsive Email Design

Hopefully you’re ahead of the curve and you’ve got yourself a beautifully designed responsive website, or at least one that has a separate mobile optimised version.

But what are you doing with your other digital communications?

Depending on your target audience, more than half the contacts you email could be opening and reading on their mobile.

If you aren’t using responsive design, their experience won’t be equal. Think about your own daily user experience with email across your various devices – which emails are a pleasure to read and which frustrate you?

Now apply that to your customers and potential customers when they open an email from you…

The lucky half are the desktop users. They will see the sender and the subject and decide whether it’s worth a look. If you’ve won their attention and trust, they will open and see the email in the way you intended. They will scroll freely and see everything clearly. If they feel compelled to do so, they will click through and may even decide to take the action you desired.

The unlucky half are the mobile users. They will also see the sender and the subject and either delete or dive in. If they do take a look, most likely they will be faced with the most common mobile mistake, a hurdle you have put in their way that will give them a strong reason to delete: The email images will be small, text too tiny to read and links too clustered to touch. They must choose on face value whether it deserves a finger workout to zoom and move – without accidentally clicking a link they didn’t mean to. The content can’t compel them to do this, because they can’t yet read it.

It’s that extra decision you are demanding of mobile users that could seriously harm your overall click-through, and ultimately your ROI. Also, will their frustrating experience deter them from opening your email the next time?

The best solution is to design your emails to be responsive. Responsive email design is a great way to help increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns, by making your message just as easy to digest and action on mobile devices as it is on desktop.

Just like with responsive web, the message will adapt to the screen size it’s being viewed on, optimising for the best user experience. Rows will break up to adapt to available columns. Text point size can increase and pictures can shrink to fit.

It won’t make a difference in every case (if they are opening within some 3rd party email apps, for example, it won’t be any better) but for the vast majority of smartphone and tablet email systems you will become a joy to read.

Match responsive emails with compelling design and you give your message and your product the best chance possible.

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