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One site fits all

Responsive web design

Our website has been created using Responsive Web Design (RWD).

We have also designed and built client websites using RWD. It isn’t the only method we will use, but we do believe it is currently the best format for building a new site and will be for the next few years.

Over the past eighteen months we have become RWD advocates. To be frank, we think we might be in love with RWD. We’ve certainly never felt this way about a web layout before.

So if you’re new to the subject, we thought we should probably do some explaining. Maybe you’ll find a place in your heart for it too. Or maybe you’ll just think us a bit weird. Either way, we hope this helps…

What the dickens is it?
RWD design creates an optimal user experience regardless of device. It responds to size, resolution and ability, so whether the site is viewed on a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or even future gadgets yet to be seen, it should be easy to read and navigate around.

Why should I be bothered?
2 in 3 UK adults access the internet with more than one device a month and 40% of internet browsing is now done on a mobile (tablet or smartphone) device (ComScore, 2013). Many are predicting mobile browsing will overtake desktop in 2014. We are in a multi-channel age and will be for many years to come, especially as even more devices are introduced such as the GoogleGlass (which has a RWD website).

Yet many companies aren’t adapting to this fast change in behaviour and are still just catering for one slice of the market. For example, if your retail site is designed for a desktop browser, the demand for scrolling and re-sizing it places on a mobile user could turn potential customers away through frustration.

Is it the only way to look good on mobile?
No, certainly not. If the thought of migrating your current site to a responsive design is too much of a headache, then a mobile-optimised version of your website using a different domain might be the answer.

So why are you so hot for RWD?
Traffic to a separate mobile site won’t contribute to the Google rankings of your main site. Google has also confirmed their algorithms prefer RWD websites over other ways to serve mobile-specific layouts.

Will it make my site dull?
Not on your nelly! We’d like to think ours is a bit of a looker – and you can find plenty of other stunning examples here.

So how do I see this RWD in action?
View this website on a desktop, drag the bottom right corner of your browser to make the window smaller and then larger. Look at us go!

I wish I had those silky moves.

If you’d like to explore using Responsive Web Design for your new website, let’s have a chat – we’d love to help.