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Inspired by… our 5 a day


As you can imagine from a group of designers and account managers, we spend most of our days glued to our Macs, phones and proofs, rarely having time to stretch our legs and take in the fresh Peterborough air. It is on our minds that, as a team, we aren’t as fit as we probably should be.

However, when it comes to food, we are a very healthy bunch. Our microwave is continually pinging at lunchtime as it heats up our homemade soups and lean leftovers. We graze on fruit and like our snacks raw.

So we were feeling fairly smug when fruit and veg hit the headlines this week, with new guidelines suggesting we should all be eating at least 7 a day. No problem for us!

In fact, so obsessed are we, we don’t just get nutrients from our fruity friends and gorgeous greens, but they also give us design inspiration: Dominic recently created this unique vegetype called Alphabeet, using pickled beetroot. If you like the look of it, feel free to have a root around his Behance page for other virtuous typeface treats.

alphabeet typeface