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Design with Purpose

Design with purpose

Hello and welcome to our new website.

Creating it was long overdue for two main reasons…

Firstly, our online capabilities have flourished in the last two years. We have been busy acquiring new digital skills and new online-savvy colleagues. We are now a true multi-channel design agency.

Secondly, what we were saying about ourselves didn’t seem to fit anymore. With new expertise comes new confidence. We can honestly say our design work is better than ever and it feels great when our clients reap the rewards.

So the words you will read across this site hopefully create a clearer reflection of what we excel at and what we stand for. If you were to boil it all down to a phrase, we felt design with purpose was it.

What it means to us…

  • Strategy shouldn’t be an afterthought; what you want to achieve and how we can help you drives our design. We deliver creative solutions to your business problems.
  • Design should be as much about how it works as how it looks. (It’s why we are such advocates of responsive website design.)
  • We care about the results, as they should shape the next piece of work.
  • We promise that no design will be served because it suits us, not you.

Design with purpose has become our maxim. Yet when we thought about it, it’s really what we’ve always been about.

When they started the agency 1997, Jane and Sheryl had just one desk, two chairs and a phone between them. Nothing else, except an abundance of experience and talent in creating effective direct mail. The design leapt off the doormat and every word earned its place.

Times have changed and we have evolved; yet the principles remain the same. Everything we do is still thought through to the smallest detail to reach for the intended response, whether it’s a feeling, a sale, or a new recruit.

So, in a nutshell, design with purpose is what we do.

We hope you like our new motto, our new impetus and our new home. We’d love to hear your feedback.