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Advertising Design – Think Different

CILT Benefits Adverts

There are many great creative agencies in Peterborough providing advertising design (and all over Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire too). So why use us?

I could rattle off many superlatives about our work, but we’ve blown our trumpet elsewhere on this website, and it’s what every other agency will already be saying too.

So instead, we had a ring around and asked our clients why they use us for their advertising design.

Amongst the usual nice things clients and agencies say about each other, was that we “thought differently”. It’s something we keep hearing – we’ve recently had a couple of projects that needed us to redesign others suppliers’ work that wasn’t different enough.

But why is different good?

Advertising doesn’t work like it used to. There’s too much choice and distraction for the audience. As the amount of advertising we are all bombarded with daily has grown, our ability to filter it out has too.

To counteract filtering, the research, planning and targeting of advertising has grown more sophisticated. Advertising, especially online, should be more relevant to you than it’s ever been. But that’s no use if the message is predictable – the design has to pull its weight too. Originality is needed to disrupt the filter and produce an emotional response. Branding should be kept consistent for familiarity. But if you are advertising with high frequency then make sure the message is impactful and engaging.

I think our recent work for The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) shows some of this different thinking. There are a wide variety of benefits to joining, and prospective members may have more immediate use for some over others. By creating an advertising campaign introducing icons for each benefit, CILT could show them as a coherent set and also place them individually in front of the right audience at the right time.

Icons are great but they are everywhere. How to disrupt the filter? Be creative and have fun.

We thought about the first time people in logistics and transport got a flavour for their future career. It was probably the enjoyment as children of having the vehicles and blocks in their hands. If we could remind prospective members about their childhood wonder and passion for something they are now living, it might give them inspiration to keep learning and improving with CILT. The message is simple but the collages ask to be studied in detail by your inner child.

The set of icons we produced for the print advertising campaign have also been adopted online here and in flyers. It all remains true to their professional branding, but injects some fun and originality into the message.

So there it is. Think different (it worked for Apple). If you’d like your advertising design to be different, we’d love to hear from you.