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A problem shared…

Creative solutions for marketing problems

Next time you brief your agency, freelancer or in-house team on a design project, don’t tell them what you’d like.

Because what you’ll end up with will look fantastic.

It will be just as you imagined it.

It may have taken them lots of late nights and amends to get there, but finally, they will have nailed it.

You’ll thank them for all their hard work, because you’re a great client and appreciative of a job well done.

You’ll show your colleagues and they will love it.

You’ll be itching to get it out there, counting down to the time you finally release it into the wild.

And when it goes live you’ll share it, blog about it, and take examples home to show family.

You might even dare to dream of the awards it might win and the acceptance speeches you’ll make.

But the following day, week or month when you move on to the next project…you may well find your business is still facing the same roadblocks and frustrations.

Can you truly say anything has changed?

If not, next time, don’t tell them what you’d like but share what your problems are.

What are the threats to your business and your marketing challenges?

Now, ask yourself, do you trust in your designers to help deliver a creative solution?